KOM meeeting Athens

First ACTinYOUth international meeting in Athens

In July ACTinYOUth partner members traveled to Athens in order to participate at the Kick Of Meeting (KOM), the first project’s international meeting. It was such an enriching experience because we had the chance to meet each other personally and share what we had been working on during that phase of the project. We have also shared each organizations’ goals regarding their field of domain and agreed on where to go and how to get there.

Furthermore, we got to get deeper into what each partner has developed so far in order to make this theater and youth empowerment project real. Smascherati! (Italy) introduced us to their theater methodologies toolkit, Walk together (Bulgaria) and Culture World Me Education (Netherlands) shared a good practices toolkit, IASIS (Greece) was entitled of organizing the venue and, Colectic presented the digital platform and communication’s route plan.

Besides that we have also discussed and agreed on our core values and guaranteed that each of them are impregnated in each part of the project. Working for social inclusion and youth empowerment is what gives us meaning, being able to work on it through education, performative arts and digital literacy is our added value.

ACTinYOUth it’s a two years project that aims to enhance youth workers intercultural competences through theater methodologies that they can further use in order to implement local theater workshops for social inclusion among youngsters with different cultural backgrounds at risk of social exclusion.

If you want to know more, take a look at project’s description.