About us

The project is carried out transnationally acknowledging that the exchange of the different experiences will enrich the results (tangible and intangible) of the project with a multidimensional point of view, also assured by the complementarity of the partners.

Meet the partners organitzacions:

<strong>Stichting CWM Education</strong>“/></figure>
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The foundation aims at raising awareness about human rights. Through our work we apply performing arts and storytelling as tools to make change. Through our events and projects we are nurturing respect to cultural diversity and contributing to an inclusive society where values of respect, collaboration and understanding prevail.

Culture.World.Me was founded in 2015 in Germany as an informal group of young people and has been operating in Germany since then. In 2020 we have also established a base in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, to carry on with educational projects we love and working on causes in our communities which we care about.

<strong>Associazione Culturale Smascherati!</strong>“/></figure>
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The Cultural and Social Promotion Association Smascherati! APS aims to pursue the community’s general interest in human promotion through theatre and other performing arts, intended as tools for personal growth, communication, and dissemination of values such as intercultural dialogue and social and cultural inclusion, against youth discomfort and in favor of generational integration. Founded in 1989 in the city of Perugia by artists from a variety of theatre backgrounds, “Smascherati!” always worked on making widely divergent human experiences and cultures meet together through theatre and different forms of artistic expression.

Experts in theatre and dance-theatre, from Italy and other countries, regularly collaborate in our research and training activities. Our activities include practical and theoretical workshops and seminars on cross-cultural theatre, artistic and cultural activities, and implementation of projects at local, national and European level (Erasmus+). Our performances are characterized by the richness of the participants’ different cultures of belonging and are shown to local, national, and international public and festivals.