The e-learning space


We’ve built the ACTin’YOUth e-learning space at!

A place where participants (both Youth workers and Young people) will have the opportunity to get all the learning materials collected and produced for the different target groups.

Foto di Gerd Altmann su Pixabay 

An “e-incubator”, that will be a collaborative and informative space for interaction and information exchange about good practices and the activities related to intercultural learning and communication; culture incubator is meant to share the information on cultural issues among young people both foreign and local ones and also the training staff – to provide them with the information and to offer a place to share content for peer learning.

A live session tool, that will enable participants to follow the theatre workshops at transnational level, so that both LTTA and local workshops can be live streamed and thus assuring a strong interconnection among the local groups of participants.

A multilingual e-repository for both best practices collected by partners and by participants themselves, and project materials. The repository will be organised and catalogued through the development of ad-hoc indexes for filtering searches.

A “Integrated Collaborative digital scripting” tool to collect and work with the visual and audio materials from local workshops, in order to create the final “Digital Performance”.