Intercultural Communication for Social Inclusion of Young people through Theater


Skills development and inclusion through creativity and arts.


Promoting engaging, connecting and empowering young people

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O projeto é realizado de forma transnacional reconhecendo que a troca das diferentes experiências enriquecerá os resultados (tangíveis e intangíveis) do projeto de um ponto de vista multidimensional.


Promovemos as competências interculturais dos técnicos de juventude com metodologias teatrais destinadas a criar workshops de teatro a nível local para a inclusão social de jovens de diferentes origens culturais em risco de exclusão social.

News & Events

  • Experience with the non-verbal communication workshop conducted with young people with fewer opportunities and different cultural background.
    Non-verbal communication involves the transmission of messages in a non-verbal way, through movement, facial expressions, gestures, body posture, distance between individuals, etc. Understanding this type of communication is very important, especially in the case of refugees who often cannot communicate verbally as they don’t know the language of the host country. Τhe aim of the local workshop was first of all for the young refugees to understand what non-verbal communication is and how it is used on a daily basis. … Ler mais
  • ACTin’YOUth bridging the digital divides
    Let’s talk about digital opportunities and challenges for online and blended youth work! The COVID-19 crisis represents considerable risks in the fields of education, employment, mental health and income for young people, especially for vulnerable youth. While youth and future generations will shoulder much of the long-term economic and social consequences of both the more recent economic crisis, their well-being may suffer more immediate harm also by economic loss and growing inequality. The lock-downs also demonstrated the importance of digital … Ler mais
  • The experience of Alper Chochev
    {:en} My name is Alper Chochev, and I am 28 years old. I am born in Sevlievo, Bulgaria. I am currently doing what I have dreamed of, and I fought to achieve for many years. What is it and how did I get here… Stay turned to the end! I was 15 years old and confused about what I want to do in life. On a personal level, my parents were divorced, and I lived only with my father. From … Ler mais
  • Métodos de trabalho em teatro aplicados no trabalho com jovens em situação de exclusão social
    Em Março, as organizações parceiras do ACTin YOUth reuniram-se em Roterdão para um LTTA (Learning, Teaching Training Activity) sobre o projeto. Os participantes tiveram a oportunidade de aprofundar os seus conhecimentos em métodos e técnicas de teatro e mergulhar no campo do teatro dos oprimidos. Este LTTA, desenhado para fortalecer as capacidades dos youth works em desenvolver, planear e implementar os seus workshops com jovens locais, de modo a empoderá-los e ajudá-los a combater situações de exclusão social que enfrentem … Ler mais