Walktogether conducts 2 focus group for sharing theatrical best practices for social inclusion

Alongside the desk research to collect Best Practices, WalkTogether conducted 2 Focus Group with the involvement of 12 youth workers and teachers who provided their insights regarding the techniques to approach young people with diverse cultural background, artistic tools for the education of young migrants and expressed their opinion on the values of theatrical and performance arts for social inclusion.

According to the findings, teachers and youth workers use in their daily work with young people different tools and methods to engage their students and target group in active learning, meanwhile promoting inclusion. They enjoy using different performative methods, while teaching literature, physics, maths and other school discipline. Art is being considered as a significant methodology to engage all parties in youth activities, particularly young migrants, where Art breaks down all cultural barriers and helps young people get closer one to another no matter their language, socia or cultural background is.

We do believe that youth workers’ role in enhancing young people wellbeing is critical, and so we will promote their work at European level.