The theater embrace the realities and diversity of youth

Theater workshops for youth workers have started in Barcelona, at Raval neighborhood. The group of youth is established by persons with different cultural background and diverse social realities.

The workshop help the youth workers to develop their skill’s day to day, but the most for accompanying their emotions. Create emotional relationships between the participants to reach a confident and safety space, group or workshop.

In the beginning of the workshops were a complicated moment for the participants because they feel shame or panic to talk in public. We need to start for the bases, we need to generate relations and knowledge between all the participants. The diversity and reality of each person required more time for the cohesion and knowledge of the group that at the end this fact make more rewarding for everybody (the youth workers and the project).

The participation in the workshop increase after they know each other better, and they could talk and share some time together. In consequence, the theatrical skills help their verbal and no-verbal communication in the reality of each person every day.

So, we start with diverse situation that could seem complicated, but this kind of workshops allow open a door to a self discovery.