Meeting for sharing theater experiences with local youngsters in Barcelona

By July we organized a focus group aiming to meet other local entities that work with youngsters with a theatrical approach. It has been an enriching experience, a two hours session of echange, reflection and willingness of networking.

This activity is part of ACTinYOUth project, its main objective is foster youth workers’ intercultural competences with theatrical methodologies aimed at creating local theatre workshops for the social inclusion of young people with different cultural background at risk of social exclusion.

During the meeting, members of the following entities Xamfrà, Teleduca, Sala Fènix, SDI, Colectic and youth workers could share their experiences and reflect all together on the potential of theater as a tool for tackling social inclusion. We could discover as well which dynamics work best and which are the complexities behind working with migrant youngsters and/or youngsters at risk of social exclusion.

We all agreed on considering theater a universal language which equalises all and turns each vital experience in to a unique one, highlighting the importance of their protagonists, empowering them and strenghtening community bonds.

For further information about the project, take a look at this link: ACTinYOUth project