Confiança en si mateixa:Arriscar-se a classe i actuant davant l’audiència ensenya als estudiants a confiar en les seves idees i habilitats. Aquesta seguretat la utilitzaran pràcticament cada aspecte del seu futur. Imaginació:En un món addicte a la tecnologia, el teatre proporciona una oportunitat per crear decisions creatives, pensar noves idees i interpretar de diferents formes […]

Alongside the desk research to collect Best Practices, WalkTogether conducted 2 Focus Group with the involvement of 12 youth workers and teachers who provided their insights regarding the techniques to approach young people with diverse cultural background, artistic tools for the education of young migrants and expressed their opinion on the values of theatrical and

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By July we organized a focus group aiming to meet other local entities that work with youngsters with a theatrical approach. It has been an enriching experience, a two hours session of echange, reflection and willingness of networking. This activity is part of ACTinYOUth project, its main objective is foster youth workers’ intercultural competences with

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Alongside the desk survey to collect Best Practices, IASIS conducted 2 Focus Groups with the involvement of 8 youth participants in each one. Sixteen Youth Workers from Greece, Spain and Italy participated in the interactive discussions and provided their insights regarding the techniques to approach young beneficiaries with diverse cultural background, artistic tools for the

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L’objectiu principal d’ACTin’YouTH és fomentar les competències interculturals dels treballadors i treballadores juvenils amb metodologies teatrals destinades a crear tallers de teatre locals per a la inclusió social de joves amb diferents antecedents culturals en risc d’exclusió social. Convidem a treballadores i treballadors juvenils i participants joves (de 18 a 30 anys) a unir-se a

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